Swarm and Cutout Resources

This page is information and resources for swarms and cutouts. Here you will find definitions of a swarm and of a cutout, and you will find a list of people that do one or the other, or both.

SWARM – A swarm is normally seen when a hive has become too crowded and so the current queen and half of the hive will leave the current hive and go off on a search for a hive of their own. Most of the time a Swarm is found on a tree, or fence, or side of a house, or really almost anywhere, including spread out on a driveway or yard if that is where they land. They are normally VERY docile in this state as they have no hive, brood (babies), or honey stores to protect. They do however look a little scary as there is a lot of bees balled up and usually a lot of scouts flying around looking for their new home. Any given beekeeper may or may not charge for a swarm removal, but all of them prefer pictures of the swarm if possible to confirm it is actually a swarm of bees and not something else.

Cutout – A cutout is when one of those swarms has found what it believes to its new home. This can be in the wall of a home, an abandoned refrigerator, an old tire, an attic, a barn, or anywhere else that the bees find a suitable area where they can build comb. A beekeeper often will need to remove material to get to the hive and remove bees and comb from the space. Depending on the space they have moved into, this may entail removing siding from a house, or drywall inside a house, etc. This is a very involved process and takes up a good portion of time on the beekeeper as well and in many cases specialized equipment. Most beekeeper that do cutouts do charge for this service, as it is a service and is not an easy job a vast majority of the time. See the notes below for why you should not just try to kill the bees.

If you call more than one person on this list, TELL THEM SO.  Please don’t call several people if someone has agreed to handle a situation.  You are wasting people’s time, gas, and money.  If you’re shopping for a  less expensive cutout, fine, but BE HONEST, tell the beekeeper what you’re doing.

NOTE: Some folks when hearing that beekeepers charge for doing cutouts go back to the standby of, “Well I will just pay someone to come out and kill the bees”. A pest control specialist can indeed come out to your house and exterminate the bees in your house. What they usually do not do is remove the comb, honey, and other materials that are left behind. Honey left in walls after an extermination is no longer protected by the colony. When that happens the honey and wax is not being kept cooled and thus can leave you with honey contaminated with pesticide running down an internal wall, and you often will get things like: Mold, ants, roaches, mice, and other pests that will smell the honey and start infesting the old colony location. You can even have another colony move into that space. Then you will still need to call a beekeeper or someone else familiar with what to do in this situation.

Business or Apiary NameBeekeeperTelephone #EmailHoursArea CoveredSwarms (under 6' high)Swarms (over 6' high)Cutouts (under 10' high)Cutouts (over 10' high)Comments
Sam & Cathy Hinson405-795-1888
AllJones OK and surrounding areaYes (Free)Yes (Free)NoNoPlease text picture to phone if possible.
Asher HoneybeesJohn & Lynette Sharpley501-547-0170
AllCentral and Southern OklahomaYesYesYesYesInsured, including commercial.
Also remove wasps
Red Dirt ApiaryMike Forbes405-205-3034biggmike@cox.net
AllCleveland, Oklahoma, Canadian countiesYesDependsNoNoSend pictures if possible.
Mike Favors405-642-0065mikefavors@gmail.com
Any time (retired)OKC and surrounding areasYes (No charge)Yes (No Charge)NoNo
Greg Petree405-831-1351greg.petree1978@gmail.com
Most hours30 miles from OKCYes (No charge)Yes (No charge)YesYesPlease send pictures if possible.
Backyard RestorationsMatt Schwettman405-200-9953backyardrestore@gmail.com
7 days a weekWithin 100 miles o OKC Metro (but will travel further if needed)Yes (Free)Yes (Free)YesYesSwarm removals are free of charge and I give free estimates on cutouts. Same day removal is available.
Caroline Baker405-924-8010Text to phoneOklahoma County, Cleveland CountyYesYesYesYes
Michael Brumbeloe405-919-3311Brumby2361@yahoo.comAllUp to 60 miles from OKCYesYesNoNoSend pictures if possible
Storm BeesJohn Storm405-202-4643info@stormbees.com
7am - 7 pm, 7 days a weekmainly Moore, Norman, GoldsbyYesYesNoNo
Taylor Sherman405-203-6855YesYesYesNoHoneybees only - please text pictures of what you have
John Corley405-651-5487text messages preferredAfter 2 pm M-F
Any time weekends
Central OklahomaYes (No charge)Yes (No Charge)YesYes (up to 20')I have years of construction experience. Free estimates. Please provide photos if possible.
Scissortail HoneyJohn Bowman405-630-9990ScissortailHoney@gmail.com
AllAllYesYesYesYesSend Picture if possible
Phil Young405-623-5536pyoung@pldi.netOklahoma City, Edmond, Piedmont, Yukon, Surrey Hills, El Reno, MustangYes (Free)Yes (Free)YesYes
Action Bee Removal
Wendell Scott405-414-3003sootyscott@gmail.com
AllAllYesYesYesYesBees for Sale
Insured & Certified
Website: sootyscott.com
Facebook: Action Beekeeping and Dryer Vent Cleaning
Glenn Haring405-409-8244gharing599@yahoo.com
MostMoore, NormanYesYes
Silver Honey BeesJay Silver405-464-0773silverhoneybees@gmail.com
But text me with a photo if you've got a swarm!
7 am - 10 pmOklahoma County, Canadian County, N Cleveland County, N Grady CountyYes (Free)Yes (Free)NoNoPlease send pictures if possible.
Brad Palmer405-264-3325bpal1@mac.com
AllCanadian CountyYes(Free)Yes(Free)NoNo
Richard Harris405-517-8530allchoctaw to Yukon Swarms (over 6' high)Cutouts (under 10' high)Cutouts (over 10' high)send pictures
Bullfrog Creek ApiariesForest Chapman405-206-351745ACPSlinger@gmail.comOklahoma CountyYes (Free)Yes (Free)YesYesFee may apply for cutouts
Colton McDaniel405-623-2107cjm9022557@gmail.com
7a-7pShawnee, OKC, NormanYes YesNoNo
Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions LLCTJ Norman405-826-0393oklahomawildlifesolutions@gmail.comOklahoma City MetroYesYesYesYesBees and any other wildlife, including other stinging insects.
Price determined onsite.
Tom Hall405-985-9718rodreelgunbow@gmail.com
AllNW Oklahoma City to KingfisherYesYes

Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association does not endorse any particular service provider nor do we control their methods and business practices. We provide this information for the general public only as a list of COBA members that do provide these services.  COBA does not train beekeepers to perform cutouts.

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