7-26-2018 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order by Rick Schantz at 7pm. The meeting started with the prayer and the pledge of allegiance.


Taresa Bell- long time COBA member passed away Saturday. She was an active state fair volunteer and a member of several bee clubs.   our condolences are with her family.

John Sharpley- House burned down a few weeks ago he had no house insurance and 3 go fund me accounts are set up for anyone who wants to donate some money to help him get back on his feet. COBA will not take a cash collection at meetings but if you have any items you would like to donate ( clothes, toiletries, house hold items) we will get them to him. None of his bee equipment was damaged.

Forest Chapman- Has asked for volunteers to be at the state booth at the state fair. The sign up sheet will be passed around and can also be found on the website.

Forest Chapman- has also started taking volunteers for the wildlife expo at the lazy-e for September. The sign up sheet for that has also been passed around for people to sign.


Business meeting:

Old business:

Jay Silver- has given the second quarter treasure’s report:  Ending balance $17,352.38. Discussion of expenditures and who has the authority to purchase things and the amounts that can be spent.

Long time club rule- Keep a balance three times the annual expenses. There was also a discussion of what sort of things the club pays for.

membership renewals are down but membership is up and steady. annual membership dues are not pro rated and go from January to December. COBA is the second largest club in Oklahoma right behind NEOBA.

New Business:

We will be adding more hives at will rogers gardens. John Bowman is putting in a 5th hive allowing the shadowing program to be expanded.

Motion offered to purchase new extractor, seconded. The matter will be taken up in the next executive officer meeting.

Business meeting adjourned

Speaker: Greg Hannaford, NEOBA

Honey tasting

Continued with our speaker. We then called the meeting to a close with our door prize give away.