2018-8-23 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 7pm by Rick Schantz. It opened with the prayer and pledge.

Business meeting:

Old Business:

Mentoring program still going on the next oppertunity to come out and shadow one of the beekeepers working the hives will be Rick Schantz and the time will be posted on our facebook page.

New business:

Caroline Baker will no longer be able to bring the snacks to there meeting. We are looking for a volunteer to take her place. Message one of the club officers if you are interested.

COBA is getting new liability insurance quotes and we will keep the club updated on what we find.

The state fair will be September 13-23 the sign up for shifts is located on the state bee associations facebook page. There will be no selling of honey at the booth this year as they want to bring it back to education. There will be flyers at the booth as to where people can buy honey from beekeepers from the club at the fair as a few people will have their own booth.

Those who want to sign up for the wild life expo can call Forest it will be the last weekend of the state fair.

The state fall conference this year will be on October 20th which is one week earlier than usual. There will be no pot luck this year Jasons deli will be catering. You will be able to pay for the box lunch at the door when you pay your dues. It will be held at will rogers gardens in the big meeting room. There will be several speakers more details will be on the state bee associations facebook page. Dues are $15 per person and $20 per family.

Our October meeting has been moved to the 19th which is a week early and the Friday before the state fall conference.

Patrick Martin from the department of veterans affairs offered his help to the veterans of the club if they need help filing a claim.

We are still taking applications for beekeeper and junior beekeeper of the year. If you would like to nominate someone get with one of the club officers for the information.

The guest speaker for the meeting was Marla Sue Sweany from the Oklahoma City/county health department. She has been with them for 31 years. We went over the honey sales act and different rules and regulations for selling honey and products of there hive. She also said she would make herself available to answer any questions we should have along the way and gave out her business cards.

After the break Rick Schantz gave a brief persentation of end of summer hive management. Different varroa mite testing methods and treatments. We also went over some different pest management techniques.