The june meeting was called to order at 7pm by Rick Schantz the coba president.

It opened uo with a short buisness meeting

Old business:

mentoring program at will rogers gardens will still be going through the summer. Jay Silver will be available next weekend at will rogers gardens.


New business:

we need beekeeper of the year nominations to turn over to osba. There is a state fair meeting july the 8th. New shirts are printed they are $12 a piece.

Our first speaker was Jayce prock with usda dept. of agraculture. He is a bee inspector. He went over a new program that identifies your bee feilds so they dont get sprayed. He also went over the apairy act. he did some q&a’s and had a lot of good information for us. You can register your bees online at www.ag.ok.gov the link for bees is on the left side.

Our second speaker was our vice persident John Bowman. He gave a presintation on some of the things he has created for cut outs and bee vacumes and fram bilder. He also did a presentation on a really neat removal he did. He also has the blue prints for his creations if anyone wants to try and bulild them.

The meeting was over about 9pm following our drawing.