2018-01-25 meeting minutes

Thursday January 25th the Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association or COBA held their first meeting of the year. The meeting was held at will rogers gardens exhibition center. The meeting was called to order by the current president Rick Hall at 7:00pm. The meeting started with the pledge of allegiance followed by the prayer.

Topics for the meeting include:

1.) Club membership dues are to be paid upon arrival by cash, check, or money order unless previously purchased via PayPal or mail. The yearly cost is as follows: $15 per household per year.

2.) Winter feeding and colony management presented by the outgoing president Rick Hall. Somethings discussed were Pollen patties, candy boards, sugar water, fructose, and by the mountain camp method (which is feeding the bees sugar on black and white newspaper in an empty super placed on top of the hive)

3.) Election of new officers was held at the end of the meeting:

*Declared candidates are as follows:

President- Rick Schantz or Caroline Baker
Vice President- John Bowman or Forest Chapman
Secretary- Dawn Schantz or John Sharpley
Treasurer- TJ Norman

The club voted and the new officers for the 2018 year are:

President- Rick Schantz
Vice President- John Bowman
Secretary-Dawn Schantz
Treasurer- TJ Norman

Executive officers:

2016-2018- Penny George
2017-2019- Steve Davis
2018-2020- Jay Silver- Nominated by Rick Hall voted on by the club and passed
Out going president- Rick Hall
New COBA president- Rick Schantz
New vice president- John bowman

4.) The authorized signers on the accounts are as follows: Jay Silver, Rick Schantz, TJ Norman, and John Bowman.

After the voting was finished and the new officers were named we had our usual drawing for the door prizes donated by club members. The meeting was called to a close at or around 9pm.