Regular COBA Meetings

Regular COBA meetings are held monthly January through October.  Guests are welcome at all regular monthly meetings.

Most meetings are on the 4th Thursday of the month, except for October.  The October meeting is moved to a Friday, and is followed by the OSBA (Oklahoma State Beekeepers Association) meeting Saturday.

Location : 
Will Rogers Gardens Exhibition Center
3400 NW 36th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

SW Corner of NW 36th and Grand.  No access from Grand.  Enter from either driveway on 36th.

7:00 pm~9:00 pm
Setup starts by 6:30 pm
Clean up must be complete by 9:30 pm
Assistance with both is appreciated

Scheduled Dates:

Thursday 6/23, 7/28, 8/25, 9/22
Friday 10/28, (OSBA meeting 9-5 Saturday 10/29),
Thursday 12/17 (Christmas Party – Dues-Paid Members Only)

Thursday 1/26, 2/23, 3/23, 4/27, 5/25, 6/22, 7/27, 8/24, 9/28,
Friday 10/27,  OSBA meeting 9-5 Saturday 10/28),
Thursday 12/14 (Christmas Party – Dues-Paid Members Only)

Joining as a Dues-Paid Member:
Membership $15 per calendar year per household

You may join electronically by sending payment via PayPal “send money” to  Please include full contact information (name(s), address, phone, email) and which class. PayPal send money allows for the information to be included with the payment.

You may also join by using the “COBA Application for Membership and/or Beekeeping Class” available in multiple formats on the “Files” page of this website.  The form and payment may be mailed to the address indicated, or presented at a COBA regular meeting.

Mailing Address:
COBA, 5030 N May Ave, Suite 264, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

If you have questions, please contact the current COBA Treasurer at