Beginning Beekeeping

COBA Beginning Beekeeping classes are held in the winter for two main reasons:

To begin beekeeping in the spring, bees must be ordered from the providers in the late fall or early winter.  Most providers are sold out quickly.  Holding the class in the fall/winter lets students order bees for spring.

Fall and winter are less busy times for beekeepers, so the instructors and logistics support team have time to teach.

COBA Beginning Beekeeping Classes are NORMALLY  held as follows:

Will Rogers Gardens Exhibition Center
3400 NW 36th St
Oklahoma City  OK  73112

SW Corner of NW 36th and Grand.  No access from Grand.  Enter from either driveway on 36th.

HOWEVER, because of the Coronavirus, the only dependable site available to us is via Zoom meeting.  Also, many people are not comfortable being in an enclosed space with strangers for a long day right now.

Each 2 day class is on 2 Saturdays, and covers the same material as the other scheduled classes.

January 23 and 30, 2021  (30 Household Maximum)

February 20 and 27, 2021  (30 Household Maximum)

March 20 and April 3, 2021 (30 Household Maximum)

Tuition is $100 for the first  member of your household and $35 per additional member of your household attending the class $75 per household for the Zoom based class.   Enrollment in each class is limited, so seats are not reserved until payment is received.  Full refund available if Treasurer is notified at least 2 weeks prior to start of class.  Those who have already paid for the in-person class may choose from a full refund or a refund of the price difference.

If your tuition is received at least 2 weeks prior to the start of class, your book, hive tool, and class materials will be mailed to you before class, so please provide a valid mailing address.  If your tuition is received less than 2 weeks prior to the start of class, we will mail it as soon as possible, but it may not arrive before class begins.

You will need at least a free Zoom account, good bandwidth, and a device that will run Zoom effectively and let you see detail on the screen (desktop, laptop, or large tablet, with AC power, at least).  If you do not have these, perhaps you can visit a friend who does.  A free Zoom account is easy to sign up for, and we can assist you with sign up if necessary.

Q&A will be handled live, just as in the classroom, and additional Q&A will be available after class, if you so desire.

Class will begin promptly at 8:45 AM and end about 5:30 PM.  

We encourage you have a lunch readily available, since we will likely teach through lunch.  If we are ahead of schedule, we’ll take a lunch break, but the instructors will be available to answer questions during the lunch break. 

The course includes 2 days instruction, Q&A sessions, demonstrations, handouts, one beekeeping book and one hive tool per household.  Class time emphasis is on practical beekeeping knowledge, techniques, and equipment.

While we can’t inspect a live colony during the formal instruction it is important that we walk you through an actual in-person live colony inspection.  You will have multiple opportunities later on during the spring, at the Will Rogers Park location and perhaps others.

Students are automatically COBA members for 2021, and other benefits.

You may enroll electronically by sending payment via PayPal “send money” to  Please include full contact information (name(s), mailing address, phone, email) and which class. PayPal send money allows for the information to be included with the payment.

You may also enroll via using the “COBA Application for Membership and/or Beekeeping Class” available in multiple formats on the “Files” page of this website.  The form and payment may be mailed to the address indicated, or presented at a COBA regular meeting.

Mailing Address:

COBA, 5030 N May Ave, Suite 264, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

If you have questions, please contact the current COBA Treasurer, who also serves as Registrar, at