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2019-02-28 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7pm by our president Rick Schantz.

Business meeting called to order at 7:06

No new business to discuss.

old business: the executive officer meeting to discuss the bylaws and liability insurance for the club was postponed and will take place before the next meeting.


*Beekeeping etc. will be having an advanced queen rearing class April 5th & 6th. The class costs $80.00. You can now go on their website as it has been fixed or call or go in to sign up for it.

*The state beekeepers spring meeting will be help art the Garfield co. fairgrounds in Enid this year. It will be March 23rd from 8:30-5. Ken Davis will be one of the speakers. There will be plenty of venders and other speakers. The swill have BBQ for lunch and the cost for that will be around $6 per person.

*NEOBA will host the big bee buzz on March 30th in Tulsa. The cost is around $45. This is one of the biggest bee events in the United States and very much worth the cost to check it out. The will have something in the way of a ;lunch that will be included in the cost to get in.

Our topic for tonights discussion was frame foundation. Tom Hall our Vice President spoke about permacomb and the benefits he has found using it. If anyone wants to try and use these type of frames he has urged you to contact him and he can help with the ordering process. After the break Rick Schantz our president finished up our meeting talking about all the other types of frames that are available to use and the benefits and disadvantages he has found when using each type.

2019-1-24 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order by Rick Schantz at 7pm. We started the meeting with the election of the new officers. The results of the election is as follows.

President: Rick Schantz

Vice President: Tom Hall

Treasurer: John Bowman

Secretary: Dawn Schantz/ Jay Slilver

Executive Board member 2019-2021- John Bowman

All the officers were voted in unanimously. After we did elections we had a business meeting.

New Business:

The state spring conference will be held on 3/22 at the Garfield county fair grounds in Enid ; NWOBA to host it. There will be more information on the state website.

We will do a review of bylaws and will modify and/or make and changes to them as necessary.

The topic has been brought up to have to elected officers to hold their office for more than one year and was voted down.

We will do an audit of there books and the topic was brought up of filling a 501-c with our tax return.

Old business:

We are still working on a mentor list so if you would like to mentor new beekeepers or you need a mentor get with one of the club officers and we can add your name to the list.

we will be installing a nuc this spring at will rogers gardens as our first shadowing experience of the year.

The business meeting was closed and we took our break.

After the break we had our presentation and the topic was checking your hives in winter/ freezing weather. We went over feeding and checking methods of your hives for Oklahoma weather.

The meeting was over at 9 pm.


The meeting was called to order at 7pm by Rick Schantz.

we opened with a business meeting.

Old business:

Mentoring list; We are taking names to make a revised list. Anyone wanting to be a mentor may contact one of the officers to have their name added to the new list.

New business:

We had an executive officer meeting and discussed a couple of things.

  1. we voted on changing the type of group from buy/sell to a discussion group. It was passed with all in favor.
  2. General liability insurance. We have decided yes on getting it and are getting  quotes to get the best price.


October 19th is a Friday and that will be our next meeting.

October 20th will be the state fall meeting. It will be a sack lunch no pot luck this year.  You can pay your dues and be a member of the state association.

We asked for some people to help set up for the meeting and help tear down after its over.  Jay Silver and Caroline Baker volunteered to do so.

The doors open at 8 for the meeting the line will be long so plan accordingly. The meeting begins at 9am.

We will be at will rogers gardens on Saturday for a shadowing opportunity. We will be doing a fall mite treatment. Anyone who wants to come out is welcome.

The business meeting was adjourned at 7:45.

Our speaker for the night was Rick Schantz. The topic was fall hive management. He went over some different fall hive managing techniques  and ways to help get your hives ready for winter.



The May Meeting of the Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association was called to order by president Rick Schantz at 7pm. We opened with the prayer and pledge of allegiance. The business meeting was called to order directly after.

Old Business

Our first shadowing opportunity will take place Saturday May 26th at 11am at Will Rogers Gardens. It is open to any COBA members who want to attend. Rick Schantz will meet people in the parking lot at 11. Bring your bee suit when you come to attend these.
June 15th-23rd is the Myriad Gardens event they have invited us to join. It will be 9am-3pm. We will need some volunteers and will have a sign up sheet at the next meeting.

New Business
We held an executive officer meeting and have discussed and voted on 4 things:
1). Should the club buy a laptop for club uses- voted no unanimously
2). Nothing that is a conflict of interest will be allowed to be posted on our facebook group. Example: classes etc.
3). If a post is deleted and someone wants it reposted they have to contact Rick Schantz or John Bowman to make the decision.
4). An event coordinator whom will be Forest G.

The business meeting was called to a close at 7:30 pm.

The presentation at the meeting was two parts the first was presented by Rick Schantz. Rick talked about common problem with bees and bee hives; From absconding, swarms, pests, disease, and colony collapse disorder. After his presentation he opened it up to Q&A. After the break Wyndell Scott did a presentation on cutouts and the best way he has found to save the bees while doing a cutout. Catching swarms and some of his best tips on how he has had success at cutouts and swarms. He had 3 videos he presented with some interesting tools in them. After the Q&A we had our drawing and closed our meeting at 9PM.

2018-4-27 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7pm. The meeting opened with the pledge and prayer. The business meeting was called to order at 7:15pm.

Old business:

We are still trying to work out the details of the new mentor program we would like to start.

T-shirts are still for sale and available at lettering express. Located on Reno ave in Oklahoma City.


New Business:

The outdoor Feast has asked us to come out and hand out information and have an observation hive May 19th 2-9pm. Any volunteers that want to do this event can message Rick Schantz or comment on the facebook post for the information.

The business was called to a close at 7:30

John Bowman gave a small presentation about some of the things he learned while visiting another bee club; on cutouts, pollen feeders, chicken wire on farms to hold on comb, and swarm traps.

Our plant specialist who’s name is Jamie works in the horticultural department at OSU okc. He brought many different plants that are bee friendly. He gave a great description of integrated pest management as well as the plants he brought. He provided a website where we could get some of the information he gave us it is He also invited us the the plant sale at OSU okc for the final weekend.

After the speaker we had the drawing and gave away all the plants he brought to talk about.




The March meeting of COBA was called to order at 7:00pm. We started with the blessing and pledge of allegiance. We had announcements followed by a short business meeting then the presentation.

The meeting started with some announcements:

1). Osu Okc plant sale will be April 4th from 7:00-5:30. Held at the teaching green houses.

2).Garden festival in the park will be May 19th from 9:00-4:00. Held at will rogers gardens conservatory. Applications are available upon request.

3).urban mission 3737 N. Portland April 28th from 9:00-1:00

Business meeting called to order at 7:10pm

  • Old business-

1).OSBA needs nominations for officers. Ideas for speakers. We voted to have the fall conference catered.

2).We are still working out the details on the new shadowing mentor program.

3). A sign up sheet will be available at the nest meeting for the existing mentor program. So anyone who wants to be a mentor can sign up and anyone looking for a mentor can find one close to them.

4). The decision made at the spring conference was to leave the booth at the state fair ran by OSBA.

5). OSBA voted and decided there will be no honey sales at the booth at the state fair this year.

6). Dawn Schantz will bring a hive to will rogers gardens for the new shadow/mentoring program.

  • New business

1). COBA has been invited as a club to do the winne the poo event at the myriad  gardens event. The event will be held June 8th-!7th. We will take a COBA banner for the table. Any honey sold has to be in bears. Health department will require all people to individually turn in their status ( Hobbyist or Bottling company) so proper fees can be assessed individually. All people selling honey must have state sales tax certificate made readily available.  A 15% fee on all sales will be required.

2). Anyone wanting a t-shirt can go to lettering express in okc they have our logo on file and can make any t-shirt $6-$12  (long sleeve short sleeve or tank) or hoodie in any number or color you would like. Just tell them you are a COBA member.

3). We may have found someone who can host the extractor for the north west side of town.

The business meeting was called to a close at 7:30pm

Presentation is on making splits:


There are many ways to split your hives.


  • Buying nucs
  • Buying packages
  • Stove top or stack splits
  • Two box splits
  • And more than a dozen more ways

One of the most important key aspects of making splits is queens. Are you going to graft your own queen? Are you going to buy a bread queen? Are you going to buy queen cells? Are you going to use swarm cells you find upon inspection of one of your other hives? You need to do some research into what might be the best option for you when it comes to queens because what works for one wont necessarily work for another person.

In Oklahoma when splitting hives you need to consider the size of the hive you are splitting because in Oklahoma generally you will not make very much honey if any if you split the hive to much. So you need to think about what might be more important to you honey or more hives.

Another thing to look at is disease. If you had a hive that died and you are starting a new hive to replace that hive you need to determine what the previous hive died from. You need to do some research some about different diseases and take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of what ever it was.

You will need at least 2 frames of brood lots of bees and a frame or two of honey to make a split. Always when splitting a hive you need to feed them for at least the first two weeks until the can get established. If you are using cells in Oklahoma you need to check the weather to make sure we will have sunny weather so the new queen can take her mating flight. Check the new split about once a week to make sure they are getting established and make the necessary measures to make sure they survive.