2022-08-25 August COBA Meeting

Forwarded from President Tom Hall’s FB post:


This Thursday, Aug 25 at 7:00-9:00 PM we will have our monthly COBA meeting. The meeting will be held at Will Rogers Gardens 3400 NW 36th. The meeting is free and open to all to attend in person. We do not plan to broadcast the meeting.

At this meeting we will not have our monthly beekeeping TOPIC but will have an evening for everyone to mingle, chat and talk bees with one another.

We will take some time to answer any beekeeping questions you may have, troubleshoot a problem or help anyone that hasn’t started beekeeping yet but wants some direction on how to get into the hobby.
If you have made honey this year bring it with you and we will have our annual honey tasting and vote on the best honey. For the honey sampling it is best if you put your honey in a squeeze type bottle for less mess and ease of sampling. If you know the source of the nectar your honey was made from or the general area it came from put a label on it so we can relate to the source or location. You can bring small bottles of honey to swap with one another if you desire.

COBA will provide drinks, plates and utensils and attendees may bring snacks to share at break.

Drawing: We will have a table for you to place bee related items on for a ticket drawing. Items for the drawing table could be magazines, plants, decorations, bee equipment or any other items you may want to part with.

We hope to see you there.

COBA President Tom Hall