2022-03-24 March COBA Meeting

Forwarded from Tom Hall’s FB Post:

This Thursday, March 24 at 7:00-9:00 PM we will have our monthly COBA meeting. The meeting will be held at Will Rogers Gardens 3400 NW 36th. The meeting is free and open to all to attend.

We have a lot to cover this meeting. We will be having the business meeting that was originally planned for the January meeting but postponed due to COVID concerns and weather conditions did not permit meeting in February either. The business meeting will include election of officers and we appreciate your support and vote. Steve Davis is the nominating committee and will be posting about the nomination of officers.

In addition to the business meeting, Justin Scott will be presenting on harvesting pollen and products his family makes from beeswax. I plan to cover a few things you may need to be doing with your bees at this time of year and answer any beekeeping questions you may have.

We hope to see you there!

COBA PresidentCOVID Precautions: Will Rogers does not have any COVID restrictions at this time. We should have plenty of seating and if you want a table to yourself for social distancing feel free to do so and mask wearing is optional and they are not provided.

Break snacks: COBA will be providing drinks and you are welcome to bring and snacks to share.

Drawing: We will have the table for you to place bee related gifts on for the ticket drawing.