2021-07-22 COBA July Meeting

Forwarding message posted to Facebook by COBA President Tom Hall:


This Thursday, July 22 at 7:00 PM we will have our monthly COBA meeting at Will Rogers Gardens at 3400 NW 36th Oklahoma City. The meeting is free and open to all. We welcome you to join us!

BACK TO NORMAL I’d like to point out to our new members something we used to do before covid canceled our in person meetings and placed restrictions on it thereafter that we are restarting at this meeting. Before covid shut things down we used to have a potluck style snack table to snack on during the break. Attendees can bring some simple items like cookies, cakes, chips and other simple items or to share with others. COBA will supply the drinks, paper plates and utensils. Another thing we used to do was have a table of items for a ticket drawing. These items are brought by members to give away. Some suggested items you can bring for the drawing table are starts of plants, seeds, crafts, beekeeping equipment, tools and accessories, books, magazines or excessive fruits and vegetables from your garden. COBA will pass out tickets for the drawing. You are not required to bring any giveaway items or potluck snacks it’s up to you.

TOPICS We will be discussing mite testing and some treatment options along with some tips to consider when placing your hives on some of the mono crops that are starting to bloom. For those not able to join us and if conditions permit, we will broadcast the meeting via Facebook live. No promises on the Facebook live as we have had problems in the past getting Facebook live up and going. Due to the added tasking and complications of the Facebook live this will be our last meeting to broadcast via Facebook live as our meeting attendance is slowly getting back to normal.

COVID restrictions- Will Rogers requires that you wear a mask when you enter the building and leave our meeting room to go to the restroom. Once you are in our meeting room its up to us what we want to do. Please follow their request. COBA has decided that wearing a mask is optional in our meeting room and we will wipe down the tables and have plenty of seating if you want to social distance or set together, Its up to you. Please be kind to the Will Rogers staff at the entrance as they have had to deal with a lot of COVID requirements over the last year.