2019-05-19 – Hive Inspection, Nuc Install, and Mentoring Opportunity

DATE and TIME: Sunday 5/19, 2:00 PM to whenever you run out of questions.

LOCATION: Will Rogers Gardens, 3400 NW 36th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Meet in the 36th street parking lot, NW of the building. We’ll go in through the small iron gate behind the dumpster.

If you have protective gear, please bring it. We’ll only have very limited loaner gear available.

AGENDA: John Bowman will be installing a nuc into his hive.

We will then inspect a double-deep from which we pulled 2 splits last week. We will do an alcohol-wash Varroa mite count. If mite counts indicate that treatment is needed, we will treat with Oxalic Acid administered via a vaporizer.

Q&A as long as needed.