2019-04-15 and 2019-04-17 Hive Inspection Opportunities


Because of schedule and weather issues, we haven’t yet gotten you into a hive. This is very unusual, and we’re sorry.

We are planning 2 opportunities this week, in the evening.

Monday 6:00 PM and Wednesday 6:00 PM at Will Rogers Gardens. (Same location you took the class.)

Meet in the 36th street parking lot, NW of the building. We’ll go in through the small iron gate behind the dumpster.

If you have protective gear, please bring it. We’ll only have very limited loaner gear available.

We’ll start at 6:00 PM, inspect a hive, then answer questions until you’re tired of it.

We WILL be having more opportunities on the weekends, but wanted to make something available ASAP.

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