2019-02-28 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7pm by our president Rick Schantz.

Business meeting called to order at 7:06

No new business to discuss.

old business: the executive officer meeting to discuss the bylaws and liability insurance for the club was postponed and will take place before the next meeting.


*Beekeeping etc. will be having an advanced queen rearing class April 5th & 6th. The class costs $80.00. You can now go on their website as it has been fixed or call or go in to sign up for it.

*The state beekeepers spring meeting will be help art the Garfield co. fairgrounds in Enid this year. It will be March 23rd from 8:30-5. Ken Davis will be one of the speakers. There will be plenty of venders and other speakers. The swill have BBQ for lunch and the cost for that will be around $6 per person.

*NEOBA will host the big bee buzz on March 30th in Tulsa. The cost is around $45. This is one of the biggest bee events in the United States and very much worth the cost to check it out. The will have something in the way of a ;lunch that will be included in the cost to get in.

Our topic for tonights discussion was frame foundation. Tom Hall our Vice President spoke about permacomb and the benefits he has found using it. If anyone wants to try and use these type of frames he has urged you to contact him and he can help with the ordering process. After the break Rick Schantz our president finished up our meeting talking about all the other types of frames that are available to use and the benefits and disadvantages he has found when using each type.