2019-1-24 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order by Rick Schantz at 7pm. We started the meeting with the election of the new officers. The results of the election is as follows.

President: Rick Schantz

Vice President: Tom Hall

Treasurer: John Bowman

Secretary: Dawn Schantz/ Jay Slilver

Executive Board member 2019-2021- John Bowman

All the officers were voted in unanimously. After we did elections we had a business meeting.

New Business:

The state spring conference will be held on 3/22 at the Garfield county fair grounds in Enid ; NWOBA to host it. There will be more information on the state website.

We will do a review of bylaws and will modify and/or make and changes to them as necessary.

The topic has been brought up to have to elected officers to hold their office for more than one year and was voted down.

We will do an audit of there books and the topic was brought up of filling a 501-c with our tax return.

Old business:

We are still working on a mentor list so if you would like to mentor new beekeepers or you need a mentor get with one of the club officers and we can add your name to the list.

we will be installing a nuc this spring at will rogers gardens as our first shadowing experience of the year.

The business meeting was closed and we took our break.

After the break we had our presentation and the topic was checking your hives in winter/ freezing weather. We went over feeding and checking methods of your hives for Oklahoma weather.

The meeting was over at 9 pm.