The May Meeting of the Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association was called to order by president Rick Schantz at 7pm. We opened with the prayer and pledge of allegiance. The business meeting was called to order directly after.

Old Business

Our first shadowing opportunity will take place Saturday May 26th at 11am at Will Rogers Gardens. It is open to any COBA members who want to attend. Rick Schantz will meet people in the parking lot at 11. Bring your bee suit when you come to attend these.
June 15th-23rd is the Myriad Gardens event they have invited us to join. It will be 9am-3pm. We will need some volunteers and will have a sign up sheet at the next meeting.

New Business
We held an executive officer meeting and have discussed and voted on 4 things:
1). Should the club buy a laptop for club uses- voted no unanimously
2). Nothing that is a conflict of interest will be allowed to be posted on our facebook group. Example: classes etc.
3). If a post is deleted and someone wants it reposted they have to contact Rick Schantz or John Bowman to make the decision.
4). An event coordinator whom will be Forest G.

The business meeting was called to a close at 7:30 pm.

The presentation at the meeting was two parts the first was presented by Rick Schantz. Rick talked about common problem with bees and bee hives; From absconding, swarms, pests, disease, and colony collapse disorder. After his presentation he opened it up to Q&A. After the break Wyndell Scott did a presentation on cutouts and the best way he has found to save the bees while doing a cutout. Catching swarms and some of his best tips on how he has had success at cutouts and swarms. He had 3 videos he presented with some interesting tools in them. After the Q&A we had our drawing and closed our meeting at 9PM.

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