2017-09-28 September COBA Meeting (and Honey Tasting!)

The September COBA Meeting will be 7:00-9:00 PM Thursday September 28, 2017.

Will Rogers Gardens Exhibition Center
3400 NW 36th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Map for WRGEC: https://goo.gl/maps/bSmBAvbuuEN2

NOTE: The NW 36th St bridge over I-44 is CLOSED through the Autumn of 2017. You can NOT exit northbound I-44 at 36th and go west to the park. Grand Blvd is open, and you can approach the park from the west.


Pests and Diseases” presented by Rick Schantz.  As the bee’s population drops in preparation for winter, Small Hive Beetles, Varroa mites, and Wax Moths will take advantage of the weaker colony, if they can.  Don’t let them get yours!

During the break we’ll have a HONEY TASTING, so BRING SOME OF YOUR HONEY!

As usual, guests and/or new members are welcome!

Please bring a snack to share with others during the break/social portion of the evening.  This has NOT been well supported lately.  COBA provides beverages.

Members are invited to bring a bee-related item for the door prize drawing.

The October meeting will be on FRIDAY October 27th. Our October meeting always moves to Friday, and will be followed by the Oklahoma State Beekeepers (OSBA) Fall Meeting at the same site all day Saturday, October 28th. The speaker at both events will be Steven Coy. Please see the OSBA website (okbees.org) for more information.


There is never a November meeting (because it would fall on Thanksgiving).

The December meeting is open only to dues-paid COBA members, and is really a Christmas Party (with lots of good door prizes). It will be held on Thursday, December 21, at 7:00 PM. (Yes, I know that’s the 3rd Thursday. Would you rather have had it between Christmas and New Year’s?)